Listen to Dino on your way home every afternoon, Monday thru Friday 2-7pm. You’ll have time to listen because Tucson traffic blows!

Dino Fun Facts:

  • Dino tells everyone he’s 6 ft tall, but he’s really more like 5 ft 11 3/4 inches tall.
  • Dino loves betting on pro football. (He may have a problem!)
  • Dino cannot play guitar or sing well. He decided to be a DJ because he didn’t need talent to do it.
  • Dino has great hair. If you ask politely, he will let you touch it!

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Deep Dank Dark Web with Dino

Dino wraps up your workday every day at 4PM
with 4 high energy rockin’ tunes in a row!

Four On The Floor will put the pedal to the medal, and energize the last part of your day!