The Billy Madison Show

Billy holds a Master’s Degree in Business from American International University and attended Mankato State in Minnesota, but don’t hold that against him. He is a collector of Star Wars memorabilia, autographs (seriously), and a self-admitted ”dork” (but in a cool way of course).

Derek is Billy’s ”right hand man” and offers his opinion on many topics but he will honestly admit he’s ”not a political expert or expert on a lot of things” and ”never went to college” but neither did Bill Gates (ok Gates went, but dropped out) but so what?

”Nard” (also known as Nathan) is a former listener of the show that was given a job after Billy helped him find a girlfriend. The relationship with the girl didn’t last but Billy and the guys liked Nard’s ”wit” and offered him a chance to be on the show one day and he never left. Nard has won over 50 Gold Medals in The Special Olympics and supports causes that help place special needs individuals in appropriate jobs and careers, just as he has done.

The Billy Madison Show is well-known for its Deadbeat Dads feature in which Billy busts deadbeat dads on-air after luring them on the phone under the guise of winning a prize. The ex-wife, girlfriend, (or simply the mother of the child) is on the call as well and once Billy asks, “why don’t you pay your child support?”, the mother confronts the deadbeat dad and the fireworks begin!

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