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Beef Vegan Presents

About The Show

Beef Vegan Presents is not only the name of the show, it defines the concept of the show. As the Phoenix New Times once said about our host, “Beef Vegan strikes a perfect balance between bemused guide and flashy showman as he discusses the happenings of the world, both locally and elsewhere. “With daily benchmarks like ‘F My Life’, ‘Good News Bad News’, ‘Cancel Court’, ‘The Score Report’, and games such as ‘Last Geek Standing’, ‘Phone Sex’ and ‘The Last Word’. Beef is the ultimate presenter, the centerpiece of his morning clubhouse while showcasing his friends and guests who frequently stop by and join in on the fun. Every show is different. With a constant mix of personalities each and every day the only constant is Beef Vegan. Each guest brings with them a different style and energy. Reporting on the things that matter to them. Even though the show has many signature segments the audience knows and loves, when it comes to this show, it’s best to expect the unexpected. Beef Vegan Presents happens weekday mornings from 6-10am on Rock 102.1 KFMA

About Beef Vegan

Beef Vegan is a legend in the D.I.Y. Arts and Music scene in Arizona. With his support and showcasing abilities, he has helped build the careers of many musicians, comedians, and filmmakers for over a decade making many friends along the way.

When his voice changed at thirteen, he started being compared to legendary broadcaster Wolfman Jack. Beef, who already had a love for radio, used that as inspiration. Then when he got his first break into radio, he used Wolfman’s passion and “Do It Yourself” pirate attitude as the blueprint to his success.

Starting on a station that had literally zero listeners, Beef worked every day utilizing the little resources he had to effectively brand and market his morning show through social media and creative events, while building an audience by delivering quality content, consistency, and showcasing his dedication and love for life and what he does best, radio.

During that time, Beef won multiple awards including Best Radio Personality, Best Morning Show, and had his station listed at one of the 10 bests in the nation by USA Today. (Google It) This gave him opportunities to host concerts, festivals, comedy shows, and weekly television.

Raised in Arizona on gangsta rap, grunge, and desert parties. He attended college at N.A.U. for two and a half years, but never graduated because he never even enrolled. While there, he started a business with his friend, became a lead singer in a rock band performing in bars and nightclubs before he saw his opening to get into the radio industry. Opportunities were never given to Beef, but he always found a way to create them and make something out of nothing

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