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Robin on The Radio

Robin hosts Middays, and kicks off your lunch hour with the Y2k-FMA Lunch. Every weekday at noon she will serve up two songs from the first decade of this century!

“Her pipes are part murmur, part growl, part laugh!“ That’s a direct quote from the Phoenix New Times when Robin won the “Best On-Air Voice Award” in 1998 and her career blossomed from there! Robin is an Arizona transplant from Long Island, New York. She’s authentic and real and says what’s on her mind. Don’t be offended, she’s a lover not a fighter!

Robin loves music as much as you do, but mostly loves the connection she makes with her audience. You can hear her smile through the mic! She’s a fur baby mom (and trying hard to not become the official “cat lady”). She loves to support animal rescues and volunteered with Power Paws in the Phoenix area to help raise and train puppies to become assistance dogs. She also was an active volunteer for the Special Olympics in Aquatics, Softball, Track and Field.

If you want to find Robin on a Sunday during football season, she’s somewhere watching the AZ Cardinals! This sporty woman also plays sand volleyball with her friends in her spare time. When she’s not in the desert, Robin loves to travel to the beach! Oh and, offer her a bold, strong coffee and she’ll be your best friend!


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