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Featuring new music every Sunday from 10PM – 12AM

Incoming Playlist 05.19.24



Burnout – The Warning

My Condition – Dead Poet Society

Summertime Voodoo – Highly Suspect

Afraid to Die – P.O.D.

Dirty Enough for Hardcore – Hannah Cutt

Polymer – Fake Figures

Digital Deity – Eyes Like Midnight

Systemic – Fear of Water

Wrecking Machine – Babylon A.D.

Horror Domain – Foreign Hands

Tell Me This – Sons of Silver

Here Comes the Sun – Images of Eden

Hymn of Decay – Great American Ghost

Magnetic – Wage War

Lifeline – The Almas


What a Time to Be Alive – Islander

Ronald – Falling in Reverse

Karma Police – Pierce the Veil

Fake Ass Friends – Set It Off

Smoke and Trouble – Society of Villains

Death Wish – Royale Lynn x Danny Worsnop

Hurts to be Human – Lines of Loyalty

Stuck Against the Wall – Velvet Chains

Out of the Dark – White Room Cover – Soul Sign

Slaughterhouse – Knocked Loose x Chris Motionless

Glorybound – Tuk Smith & The Restless Hearts

Run – Plush

Control – ON

V.A.N. – Bad Omens x Poppy

Wash it Away – The Ghost Inside