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Mucho Martinez

Arizona born but raised in the Bronx, NY since the age of 7, Mucho M. Martinez was bred for the radio business!

At the age of 15 he interned for the big radio station in New York City, serving coffee and taking notes form some of the greatest in the business.

By the time he went to the University of Arizona he signed a deal to have his own primetime show at a local Tucson iHeart radio station. There he learned even more, becoming a creative director for some big morning shows, helping with music programming, and doing a #1 night show.

In the early 2000’s Mucho was signed to a heritage station in Los Angeles, where he was the #1 night show in the big city! His show and name was syndicated up and down the Gold Coast.

After a few years in Cali Mucho decided to take on a new project and decided to work in the Latino syndicated radio world, adding to the huge success in Spanish pop and reggaeton culture in the United States, making him a recognized figure in Hispanic radio.

Mucho missed his time in Tucson and in 2017 he returned. Hired by Arizona Lotus, Mucho became a co-producer of the World Famous Frank Show before becoming Promotions Manager of all Arizona Lotus stations. Even with a management title Mucho can’t be off the air too long and is currently rocking with the Dirty T weekends on Rock 102.1 KFMA.


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